These are some of the nice people who have helped keep me sane the past couple of years.  I am crazy about each & every one of 'em   ...  especially the ones I owe money.


mizzle.jpg (4845 bytes)MsBobo417  ...  aka "Mizzle"

There is a land

Between dreams and life,

Where you can wander

And let your mind fly.

You carry a thought

Till you’re far away

Return in a flash...

From your


© Copyright 1982/1996 Robbin S. Goodman


mom.jpg (5636 bytes)   Georider ...  aka "Mom" 

I wanna be just like her when I grow up 



EdKuralt.jpg (7776 bytes)EdmundKaz ...  aka "Shell Pile"

ask him for his lunch money




tim.jpg (20302 bytes)TimCM ... aka *Someone*

this guy is happier than duck shit

(no more tea bags in his sink ... and no more Chumbawamba!)




FeefFifiOToole ... aka "Loo-uh-ville"

Here's where a groovy pic of Feef will go ... as soon as she SENDS me one

GeorgeBottlenekk ... aka "George"

Personal Quote: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him rotate your snow tires.