September 16, 1998
Yups & Drowns

Working on it ... I've been somewhat *derailed* the past couple of nights, and haven't been able to update until now. So check back in a bit. (In the meantime, you can always click here to re-live the glory and splendor of that last entry ...)

A Little While Later ...

You know what's interesting?  The only time I feel any real peace or centeredness or focus, lately, is when I sit down here at my desk, with an empty "Update" screen in front of me, and begin to plunk out another cyber journal entry for the website. At that moment I feel absolutely in control of everything important: my emotions. My destiny. My refrigerator.

My "audience."

No ringing phones. No irate knife customers. No delusional psycho Wives From Hell. It's as close to *happy* as I get these days ... which is unfortunate, maybe ... but I'll take it until the real thing comes along.  (ESPECIALLY since Lorenzo Lamas just got married again: now I'm gonna have to wait at least another four months for him to become eligible again.)

And speaking of four months .... that's how long I've been here in The Tree House, as of tonight. (And yeah, I'm very big on *anniversaries,* as you have no doubt surmised.) Most of that initial noisy naked unabashed raucous joy I felt over finally living by myself   --  "Let's put up Christmas lights in MAY!"   --  has morphed, now, into something a little more quiet and realistic. Like anything worthwhile in life, this living alone stuff has its yups and drowns. 

On the list of "yups":

* No more Monday Night Football!

* No more ridiculous arguments over whether or not it's "proper" to jump up & down on the Lincoln Bed!

* When the phone rings, there's a good chance it's actually for me!

* The toilet seat is always on the floor, right where I left it!

On the list of "drowns":

* When the phone rings, there's a good chance it's actually for me.



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