September 13, 1998
Attention Bonnie Fuller!

Morning, Dear Reader!

Did you sleep well? (Or did you have that dream about your teeth falling out in your hand?)

You look fabulous, btw. (You have a serious case of Bed Head ... and is that drool on the collar of your Teletubby jammies? ... but otherwise you pass muster.)

Pull up a chair next to me, here at Command Central, and let's share Sunday morning together. (But for the love of GOD brush your teeth first. What were you doing, munching cold onion rings at 1 a.m.??) I'll make us some coffee. (Quit looking at me like that! I'm not using yesterday's grounds this time ... I swear.)

It is 7:36 a.m., Oregon time, and I have been up for hours already, sitting here watching the sun come up over the hillside. The view from the Tree House is nothing short of spectacular: it is one of the things I love most about this place. And with autumn just around the corner, I know I have weeks of breathtaking (and cheap) viewing pleasure ahead of me ...

I had a whole list of stuff I was planning to write about this weekend ... mostly angst-ridden blathering about loss and heartache and He Who Done Me Wrong (Again and Again and Again) ... but the truth is that two decent nights' sleep in a row have worked some small magic here. I no longer feel much in the mood for denouement of any kind. (Isn't that a great word?? Say it with me. "Duh-neeeeew-meant." Notice how it falls trippingly from the tongue?)  I mean, what the heck would I write about, anyway? A tubby middle-aged Authority Figure gets caught in an ongoing, scandalously-kinky, adulterous love affair, and when The Pants In The Family finds out about it (again and again and again), she makes a big prissy public show of *supporting* him (and then drags his sorry ass off on another "vacation")?

Yeah, right. Who would possibly be interested in reading about something like that?

(You listening, Bonnie Fuller????)



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