September 12, 1999

I know, I know.   Cliffhangers went out with "Who Shot J.R.?"  

Sorry about that.

A combination of RIDICULOUS server problems ("Thank you for your patience and your $41.95 a month! Maybe we'll be up and running later, and maybe we won't!") -- plus a dollop of good old-fashioned emotional exhaustion -- made it necessary for me to bring yesterday's journal entry to a premature (and unnecessarily dramatic, even for *me*) conclusion.

But let's face it. You're probably back today, checking to see if my kid is OK ... aren't you?

I am overjoyed -- and relieved, and humbled, and reminded of life's true priorities once again, and grateful to Whoever Is In Charge Of Things  -- but most of all RELIEVED -- to tell you that she is just fine. Bruised, battered, grounded for all of eternity ... but fine. She and a carload of her friends were out joy-riding on Wednesday night ... no doubt to COMMISERATE with each other on their GRUELING first day back to school. The driver of the car -- a young man with a Driver's License so new the ink was still wet -- decided that the stop sign was merely a *suggestion,* apparently, and they were immediately broadsided by another car. Daughter #2, who was sitting in the backseat -- yes, she was wearing a seatbelt, and no, it wasn't The Boyfriend From Hell who was driving -- walked away with a broken tailbone and a collection of interesting bruises. But at least she walked away. Miraculously, so did everybody else involved.

She's hobbling around TicTac on crutches this weekend. Both her dad and I have resisted grilling her about whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident, although we suspect that was probably a factor (as do the police, from what I hear). Kacie was clearly shattered by the experience -- her first taste of mortality and all ("I could have DIED!" she hiccuped over the phone, right after it happened) -- so we're trying to give her a couple of days to heal, physically and psychically. But the topic obviously needs to be addressed ... and soon. I'm already making arrangements to fly up and spend a weekend in TicTac.

In the meantime, I'm just thanking the Powers That Be, over and over again, for watching over her that night.

That's all for now. It's past midnight, and although David has been sawing logs for over an hour, I was finding it impossible to get to sleep. I kept laying there in bed, thinking about my incomplete journal entry, and how I left the narrative "hanging," and how I don't want to use my daughter's accident as a literary device, forcryingoutloud -- even *I* am not that desperate for high counter numbers -- so I snuck out here to the computer to see if the server was back up, and if it was, to quietly fix things. Now I think I can probably sleep ... after I finish this bowl of cereal and write another "Thinking of you!" e-mail to ALL of the residents of TicTac.

I'll be back soon with more details. Goodnight, Dear Readers. And watch out for that summer lightning.



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