September 5, 2001
Special Bonus Entry!


How I Spent My Summer Vacation
~ By Joel P. ~

In being so excited to see Oakland and San Francisco, I forgot about one important aspect: you have to fly to get there.

It's not the flying that bothers me -- it's the taking off and the landing that had me regretting the turkey and cheese sandwich I had hey ... what can i tell you? our stoopid SCANNER is still BROKENbefore we left.

First Impressions:

Oakland -- Nice bus drivers! We had the female equivalent of Sam Kinison for a bus driver. ("GET IN!" "MOVE BACK!" "SIT DOWN!") This lady was blasting the horn as if she got free Subway stamps for every time she did it.

We stayed at the Howard Johnson in downtown Oakland. Jaymi had MAJOR problems with the hotel, mostly with the way housekeeping "kept house," if you will. I had more of a guy mindset of "Hey! Three HBO channels AND ESPN! Cool!"

Oakland was cool, though. We hit a farmers market, Jack London Square, and visited the infamous Totem Pole Company.

San Francisco -- FOG. Lots of FOG. San Francisco was really cool. We went to the normal tourist spots (the Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks lookout, downtown). There are really great restaurants in this area. We went to Mel's Diner for lunch one day, and the food was great. We did a lot of shopping in SF.

Favorite moments of the trip -- Seeing Jaymi's baby book, the town of Sausalito, the Mechanical Museum at the Cliff House, dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, taking lots of pictures.

Favorite phrases of the trip -- "You're like two big black blobs of nothingness!" (Secra) ... "What the fog?" (Joel).

Things to do next time -- See Alcatraz, see a Giants game, see Fishermans Wharf, learn about fog.

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