~ He said, "Whatever you do, don't blink this time" ~

Member Name: Secra ... but you can call me *The Internet Girlfriend.*

Cultural Influences: Lost In Space, "The Martian Hop," Maybelline, Chuck Jones, American Girl Magazine, J.P. Patches, The Brothers Grimm, Linda Ronstadt, "Go Ask Alice," Betty Crocker.

Special Talent: !sdrawkcab gnitirW

Goal In Life: Old age.

Hair: Messy.

Eyes: Green as mold.

Favorite Drink: Manwich ... right out of the can.

Favorite Food: If it used to swim ... I will take one bite, just to prove that I'm not an unadventurous eater. And then I will demurely spit it into my napkin and continue eating my sirloin tips.

Favorite Author: Dr. Seuss.

Birthdate: A bald guy was President.

Hobbies: Bungee jumping from the hood of the car ... collecting empty margarine containers ... inner mayhem ... repaying karmic debt ... specialized nonsense ... the evolution of cellulose digestion in termites.

Crowning Achievement: Miss Fire Prevention 1969

Other Achievements: Sanity, sobriety and nine healthy fingernails.

Proud Inventor Of: Can-opener-in-a-can.

Occupation: Chimney Sweep Sparrow with Guise.

Special Hellos To:

...The Tots ... Jaymi/Jamie, Kacie and Kyle ... the fruit of my womb, and the twinkling lights of my life ...

... The 'Grillaz (George, Feef and *Shell Pile*), who still pretend to tolerate me everyday ... even when I have absolutely nothing to contribute to the dialogue ...

... Mizzle & "Mr. Mizzle," who will answer the doorbell one day and find SecraTerri and DRaftervoi standing on their doorstep ...

... my wonderful supportive busy inspirational non-nagging non-preaching always-there MOM ...

... all of the old Boom Room pals who have visited the website lately -- at least, those of you not interested in seeing Secra's head on a plate ...

... and special thank you to the non-believers: I would have made it through the past two years without you -- but it wouldn't have been as much fun.

Personal Quote: "You are so funny. WE are so funny. Life, for us, is one big CAPER." ~ Earl Peterson, Michigan's Singing Cowboy

The Real Deal:* m i n i - b i o *

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