October 8, 1998

Assorted Stuff, No Order of Importance:

I downloaded the most AMAZING program the other day, and I've been delightedly frucking around with it ever since. It's called "My Corkboard," and basically it's a cyber version of those big, messy, all-kindsa-stuff-jumbled-together bulletin boards I've loved since I was a kid,
with room for everything from Grocery Lists ("black pantyhose, aluminum foil, one banana"), to Photos Of Loved Ones (The Tots, Lorenzo Lamas, New Jersey Governor Christine Whitman ), to Lists of Important Stuff To Do ("lose 114 lbs. before the Hallowe'en trip ... finish the novel ... exfoliate ... breathe occasionally").  I love shit like this. It fills up all kinds of interesting empty places in my head and my life and my hard drive.

Now my groovy new virtual bulletin board joins my virtual fireplace ... my virtual aquarium ... my virtual cat (I've named her "Norman Fell") ... my virtual Hallowe'en jack-o-lantern, twinkling on my monitor ... my virtual lava lamp and my virtual coffee cup and my virtual Tinker Toys and my virtual landlord ... all perfect toys for someone living a virtual life like mine.

Oregon City Fire Department, still on red alert: "Now all you need is a virtual fire extinguisher!"

Grandma Lady, surreptitiously peering through her curtains: "Now all you need is a virtual umbrella, forcryingoutloud."

*Someone*: "Now all you need is a virtual ironing board!"

The Doc: "You finished with that virtual donut?"



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