October 28, 2001
Waiting For Propagation

I've spent the entire weekend waiting to be propagated.

This is neither as painful nor as much fun as it probably sounds. Basically, it means that I've registered my server changes with the domain registrar, and I'm now waiting for the registration information to propagate through the Internet so I can FTP my files to the new server.

(Translation: I've signed the lease and paid the deposit, I've got everything from the *old digs* packed up and ready to go, and now I'm just waiting for the landlord to call and tell me it's OK to start moving into the NEW digs.)

The propagation process can take "anywhere from 12 to 72 hours," according to the help site. So I check every couple of hours or so to see if the changes have gone through yet -- it's about as thrilling as watching toenail polish peel, frankly -- but so far nothing has happened. *FootNotes* remains in a state of temporary suspended animation.

But that's OK. It's given me a chance to do some serious "housecleaning," while I wait.

Over the years, I've routinely saved all of my website-related files (text, art, e-mail, other relevant stuff) to three different offline sources: one copy to our computer's hard drive, then an additional two copies off-computer. This is my back-up system. It may sound cumbersome and excessive, but anyone who has ever lost their back-up files in a hard drive crash will probably understand the extra measure of caution. Over the course of four years -- I started building *FootNotes* in the fall of 1997, although it took me until the following summer to finally plug it in and flip the switch -- that amounts to one helluva lot of files. A lot of it is junk: link pages filled with broken URLS, old graphics that don't belong anywhere, outlines for entries that never saw the light of day. I've spent a good part of this weekend going through everything, one file at a time, and excising anything that isn't totally, absolutely critical. The stuff that I'm sentimentally attached to gets tossed into the cyber equivalent of Grandma's attic. The rest of it just gets tossed.

Goodbye, little animated feet! So long, half-written flashback episodes and stoopid slow-loading thumbnail pages! Seeya later, obsolete guestbook entries!

(Sorry things didn't work out, sidebar!)

Now my website is down to nice manageable bazillion megabytes in size, so that when I'm finally propogated (whenever that may be) and I'm ready to start uploading, I can expect it to take an hour, instead of an afternoon. The moving process will be significantly streamlined, the *new digs* will have lots more room (so I can immediately begin filling it up with NEW junk!) and the new landlord will almost certainly be impressed by how tidy and efficient his groovy new tenant is.

Plus, once I'm safely and completely moved in, I can finally call up the OLD landlord and tell him to kiss my fully-propagated ass.

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