October 1999
TicTac Pictures

Son # Only ... a charming host, a "Final Fantasy VIII" champion AND a straight-A student, all in one.

[Now if only we could do something about those Jenny McCarthy posters ... gaaaaack.]


God. Look at her hands.  Since the day she was born, Daughter #2 has had the most incredibly lovely, graceful hands. "Piano Fingers," my grandma would have called them. Here she's plunking away on the laptop.


Daughter #1 ... remember her? ... looking not-quite-altogether-*here.* [And we're gonna forgive her for looking not-quite-altogether-*here,* because the very next day she was flat on her back in bed with the flu.] But she was a good sport ANYWAY: she and The Good Boyfriend picked me up at the airport in the middle of the night, forcryingoutloud. Thanks, Puss.

"I want to take a picture of you now," said Son # Only.

"Fine," I said. "Just make sure you align it in the viewfinder."


Yep. Here he is ... the *much-ballyhooed* World's Cutest Nephew in all of his four-month-old *glory.*

I thought about popping him into my suitcase and taking him home with me ... but I figured somebody might notice. Guess I'll have to content myself with spoiling him ROTTEN at Christmas ...

And finally ... a very lovely picture of *FootNotes* #1 Fan, doing one of the things she does best: nurturing.

Thanks for everything, Mom. I had a great time last weekend. See you soon!