October 3, 2005
Balancing The Calendar

Weekends feel like weekends again.  

That's always one nice thing about going back to work after a prolonged period of Unfortunate Voluntary Unemployment. (Or a prolonged period of Fortunate Involuntary Unemploymentor. Or a semi-prolonged period of Unfortunate Voluntary Not-So-Temporary Unemployment.) By the middle of the summer -- during the height of my dysfunction -- everything was starting to feel like one big sweaty Tuesday Afternoon Nap to me. There were moments when I actually forgot what month it was, let alone what day or time. 

(This isn't something you can gripe about to the gainfully employed friends or family members, by the way: they'll rise up, en masse, and strangle you with your own stinky Happy Pants.) 

So it was really great to have a Friday night feel like a Friday night, once again: pastrami, headphones, the latest issue of "Entertainment Weekly" ... a Saturday morning feel like a Saturday morning again: sleeping in an extra hour, catching up on e-mail, going to the taqueria for lunch ...   a Sunday afternoon feel like a Sunday afternoon again: laundry, groceries, cooking, housecleaning, phone calls, manicure/pedicure ... the beginning of the weekly psychic switchover from Weekend Secra to Workday Secra.

It's as though the balance of the universe -- AND the calendar -- have been restored once again.

(Next up: balancing my poor decimated checkbook again. Stay tuned.)

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of course, this means that a monday morning feels like a MONDAY MORNING again.
but so far that seems like a small price to pay.