October 1, 2002
The Tooth Project

miles to go: 524.75

If you haven't yet seen Bonnie's lovely and evocative Hands Project, I suggest you stop by soon and take a look. Her growing gallery of images -- many of them contributed by Internet journalers, bloggers, other participants in the medium of cyber -- is visual storytelling at its very best. (And yes, those are *my* stubby, Pearl-Izumi-clad mitts adorning the top of Page 2. Clearly it was a Manicure-Optional Day.) It's really an amazing photographic collection, and I'm pleased and proud to be a part of it.

As a matter of fact ... I'm so impressed with Bonnie's idea, I feel inspired to mount my own gallery of Internet journaling body parts.

I'm thinking: The Tooth Project.

Specifically, it could be a collection of digitized pictures of canines, crowns, incisors, bicuspids ... bridges, partials, old retainers, rusty headgear, used dental floss ... anything dental-related, in fact, as long as it originates from the mouth of a verifiable Internet journaler. And to start the ball rolling, *I* plan to donate a .jpg of the infamous broken molar.

Just as soon as the endodontist finishes wrenching it out of my mouth by the blackened, twisted, decaying roots tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m., that is.


Stay tuned.

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