November 29, 1998
Off The Radar

Dropping off the radar now for a few days, Dear Reader.  The next three days are going to be a whirlwind of activity, as I spend one more day with the Tots ... dinner tonight with my sister and her husband, TicTacTim ... my last day at The Knife Factory tomorrow ... as well as cleaning and packing and driving for ten hours to California on Tuesday morning.

(Gasping for air, just thinking about it all.  But in a GOOD way.)

So off I go on *Cyber Hiatus.*  For now, all of us here at The Tree House  ...

Birds #1 and #2:  "Thank god she's moving! Last night she actually SANG to us!"

Downstairs Neighbor Guy: "Thank god she's moving! It's been raining ever since she got here!"

Next-Door Neighbor Guy and His DOG:  "Arf!"

The Oregon City Fire Department: "Yay! Now we can finally finish that cribbage game!"

...  as well The Tots, and David, and I bid you a fond adieu. In the words of the immortal Earl Peterson, Michigan's Singing Cowboy:

"I'll be back."



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