More Bike Pics!
Taken June 3, 2001

The Mighty Ю僱êrvØ¡
Look!  He can lift twenty pounds' worth of Cannondale straight into the air!

(And look damn fine doing it, too!)

Secra at the Navy Base
This is one of our favorite riding destinations, for obvious reasons. Lots of flat, smooth, basically-unused roadway to ride on ... it's close to home, so we can zip over there for a quick ride in the evenings after work ... plus the *photo opportunities* are unbeatable. (That little blob of red in front is *me.*)

Secra & Addie
I adore my little red bike.

Last weekend I bought her a shiny new bell for her handlebars (yes, my bike is a "she," and her name is Addie), and a zip-up carry-all thingamabob that hangs in front (so I have a place to carry my eyelash curler) ... and I bought myself a spiffy new water bottle, so Addie & I can stop and pose for photos like this one, looking all buff and sporty and well-equipped and stuff.

(Next week: I'm buying "us" some of those groovy fingerless riding gloves!)

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