May 5, 2006
200 Words About Change

"Why do you call him 'Son #Only?'" asks Brenda, my office pal.

Peering over my shoulder at the computer monitor, she's spotted the list of 'Memorable Entries' at the bottom of yesterday's birthday hoopla.  I explain that in the earliest days of *FootNotes* -- eight years ago next month --  I used pseudonyms for the Tots: "Daughter#1," "Daughter#2,"  "Son #Only."

"He was the only 'son' in the bunch," I shrug.

These days, of course, the entire universe  --  or at least the microfraction of it that reads *FootNotes*  --  knows The Tots by their real names. (They also know that Jaymi is terrified of clowns  ...  that Kacie won a Second Place ribbon in the Bow Lake Science Fair  ...  that Kyle and I used to stand on the back porch and shoot one-handed hoops.) The Tot pseudonyms are long gone, along with other artifacts from the early days of *FootNotes*: "Funniest E of The Week" ... "Amazingly Profound Thought of the Day" ... The Happy Voodoo Panda Toaster Awards.  The website,  like The Tots, continues to grow and change.  

I still use the occasional pseudonym, though ... especially when I'm writing about someone with whom I do not share DNA and/or a toothbrush holder.

Just ask "Brenda."


Jaymi (24) with the Birthday Boy (20)
May 4, 2006

Kacie (23) and Kyle (20)
May 4, 2006


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