May 2, 2006
200 Words About My Job

The "new job smell" has worn off, a little -- that's bound to happen when you've worked at a place for seven months, six days and forty-three minutes -- but I'm pleased to report that I'm still happy at The New Job.  I'm SO happy, in fact, that I should probably quit referring to it as "The New Job."

How about: "The Job Where Everybody (Including The Boss) Knows How To Use The Fax Machine?"

Or:  "The Job Where Nobody Expects Me To Make The Morning Coffee/Answer The Phones/Shmooze With The Crabby Mail Delivery Person/Pick Meal Worms Off A Dying Dwarf Schleffera?"

Or how about this: "The Job Where Nobody Calls Each Other 'Asswipe' or 'Fudkwad' (At Least, Not Out Loud)?"

Then there's always this: "The Job That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Engineering, Engineers, Geoengineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Geotechnical Engineering Geoengineers OR 43,897,621 page Soil Density Reports?"  Has a ring to it, doesn't it?

Still, for the purposes of this website -- not to mention the continued attention of my long-suffering readers -- I should probably stick to something short and succint and to-the-point.

So let's just call it "The Job" and be done with it.  What do you say?

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1.  the irony, of course, is that i actually DO make the morning coffee,
answer the phones and shmooze with the crabby mail delivery person  ...
but only when *i* feel like it.
(i still draw the line at meal worms, though.)

2.  thank you to my lovely pal barbara for the phrase "new job smell."
(when i plagiarize, i at least acknowledge my source.)

3.  speaking of new jobs  ...  good luck on your interview today, puss!  knock 'em dead!