May 1, 2000
Whut's The Buzz?


Last night I dreamed that my head was filled with bees. Today I can still hear them, buzzing between my ears.

I went back to The Totem Pole Company this morning, after my Impromptu Enforced Six-Day *Vacation.*  All I can tell you is that I wish it HAD been my tonsils last week. Seriously: I wish there were a way to magically grow your tonsils back, forty-one years after they were removed ... just so I could get them yanked out all over again, and I could be sitting in a nice comfortable hospital bed right now, pleasantly zoned on painkillers, eating a big bowl of ice cream and watching a "Friends" re-run on a crappy little overhead TV ... 

... and relaxing in the knowledge that Franz is a good safe bazillion miles away.

Instead, I'm forced to make do with a third-rate illness like 'lymphangitis,' which -- even though I DID go back to work today, mostly out of sheer, 'I'm-watching-Judge-Judy? Just-shoot-me-now' boredom -- is still managing to make me feel lousy.

But not lousy enough to justify taking any more time off.


My throat is OK. A little rough around the edges  --  I'm never more than a fingertip's distance from my little bottle of Cepacol  --  but it's getting better. And that stoopid distended gland that was causing me so much pain and worry last week has shrunk back to normal. (No more of those alarming-but-fun *popping* noises.)  I've only got another two days left on the antibiotics.

But ... I have no energy at all. None. I feel slow and sluggish, like a 33 rpm in a 78 rpm world. It took me twenty minutes just to walk down the hallway, get into the elevator and travel the two flights downstairs to the new accounting offices in order to turn in the expense reports for my department. And that doesn't even count the ten-minute *layover* in the ladies room.  And I'm still running a low-grade fever: even without a thermometer, I can tell. It felt like like my cheeks and the tips of my ears were burning all day long, and my eyes had that sunburned feeling they get when I'm feverish.

And my head feels like it's ... well ... like it's filled with bees.

Small, strident, shrill, defensive, irrational, unreasonable, ridiculous bees.

With German accents.

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