March 23, 2001


It wasn't even close.

Right from the very beginning, this was one of those amazing landslide victories ... for ONE member of the SecraTerri/Ю僱êrvØ¡ household, anyway. (The other one of us is already composing his "I Demand A Recount in Florida!" manifesto for the message boards, even as we speak.)

The trend established itself immediately. I posted the You're Invited! entry and the samples sometime around 7 p.m. last Friday night. Within an hour, it was already clear which way the chads were being punched in this particular election.

By Monday morning I was filling out the Rexcraft order form.

In case you're interested, the final vote broke down something like this:

  • Choice #1: "They Become One" - 86 Votes (surprise! this was *my* favorite)

  • Choice #2: "Ribbons and Roses" - 26 Votes (this was David's pick, and i liked it a lot ... except that these were my sister's wedding colors, six years ago, and i was feeling these weird pangs of deja vu all over again deja vu all over again, every time i looked at it)

  • Choice #3: "Entwined Hearts" - 41 Votes (this one was the *ringer* ... although i must say i grew increasingly fond of it as the vote went on & more people wrote to point out its attributes ... especially the fact that *FootNotes Green* and *Teal* are definitely, positively, ABSOLUTELY not the same color)

  • Number of People Who Wrote Simply To Tell Us We Have Crappy Taste In Wedding Invitations (But Were Polite About It, At Least)  - 1

  • Number of People Who Wrote To Tell Us We Have Crappy Taste In Wedding Invitations (Period) - 7

  • Number of People Who Wrote To Tell Us We Have Crappy Taste In Wedding Invitations (AND To Remind Us That We Suck, And That Our Websites Suck, And That We Need To Stop Being So Sickeningly Happy Right Now Because We Don't DESERVE It, And That The World Would Be A Better Place If We BOTH Got Hit By That BUS We're Always Yammering On & On About ... Preferably On Our WEDDING DAY ... Preferably While We're Getting Married On The JERRY SPRINGER SHOW, Which Is Where We Both BELONG)  - 2½

  • Number of People Who Will Probably Not Be Winning a *Happy Voodoo Panda Toaster Award* This Year - 2½

Now that it's all over with  --  now that the votes have been counted and the invitations have been ordered and all of the excitement is over  --  I must admit that this has turned out to be one of the most amusing experiences I've had online in a long, long time.  I especially loved reading all of your wedding-preparation anecdotes/memories/horror stories ... even the stories involving camels. 

Keep 'em coming: I smell a future *FootNotes* entry.

I think I speak for us both when I say we're glad we did it this way  --  turning the vote over to a cyber audience, I mean  --  and that we're both perfectly happy with the results of the vote, manifesto or no manifesto. There is a certain sense of appropriateness to the idea. David and I originally met each other online, after all. Our *friendlationship* flourished here. Our romance evolved here. And a lot of things -- and people -- we still value and enjoy and love can be found right here online. So it seems somehow fitting that at least one tiny portion of our wedding preparations be conducted right here in the realm of cyberspace ... where it all began.

Now just wait till we start voting on wedding dresses!

Have a great weekend, everybody ... and my sincere thanks for your help.

p.s. of course ... now i owe e-mail to 165 people. arrrggggh.

p.p.s. to answer one of the e-mail questions i heard most frequently this past week: the antoine de saint-exupery quote i referred to is "love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." we're having it printed on the right-hand side of the invitation, to replace the tired marriage is what happens when you're making lemons (or whutever the fudk it was) default verse. that -- and the kanji couple holding feet in bed stickers -- are the personal touches we're adding to the invitations.

p.p.p.s. this is the quote *i* originally wanted to use:

"this is not a romance."
~ excerpt from e-mail, draftervoi to secraterri, oct. 1998 ~

david managed to outvote me on this one, though: he was worried about what his parents might think. (suffice it to say that not EVERYBODY in our family is 100% comfy with -- nor do they want to be reminded of -- the *cyber* aspects of this union.)

p.p.p.s. objection heard most frequently: "none of these invitations seem like YOU." which of course is absolutely true: none of the choices we gave you were at all representative of d®åƒ±êrvØ¡ & secraterri. there were no cartoon puppets on the invitations ... no flames anywhere ... no fluorescent internal organs or melting happy panda toasters or .jpgs of cheese. there weren't even any pictures of my feet, forcryingoutloud.

(but that's ok. we're saving all of that stuff for the BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS.)

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