March 9, 2001
It's Not Playing Hooky If Your Boss Leaves First


At the risk of alienating those of you who have just spent the day digging your Ford Explorer out of a blizzard again, over there on the *wrong* coast ... it is my duty to brag report that we've got a serious case of spring fever happening over on *this* coast today.

At least, here at the Totem Pole Company.

It's 3:17 p.m. PST on a Friday afternoon. I just took a quick tour around the office, first and fourth floors combined, and there are exactly seven people still here at the moment. (That's seven employees out of sixty. You do the math.)  

Maybe it's because this is the first day that it hasn't rained in the Bay Area in about a bazillion and a half weeks. Maybe it's because it's Friday -- and payday. Maybe it's a combination of everything. (Maybe it's The Rapture! Except that wouldn't explain why *I'm* still here and Franz is gone.)  I'm one of the few who is still hanging around this afternoon ... but ONLY because I'm so loyal and hard-working, and because I'm so deeply dedicated to my job, and because I'm having so darned much fun sitting here in my stuffy, overwarm little office eating this delicious rice cake, listening to KFOG-FM and watching the sun shining on Lake Merritt, four blocks away. I'll tell you this, though: as soon as I finish all of this critically-important loafing and lollygagging -- read this: as soon as David calls and says "You ready to go home?" -- the Totem Pole *population* is going to plummet to six.

Will my boss notice me leaving early, you ask? I doubt it. He was the first one slipping down the freight elevator, before lunch.

In the meantime, I don't have a single solitary *motivation molecule* in my entire body right now. My brain is a puddle of warm caramel flan. I don't feel like working and I don't feel like writing and I don't feel like walking the ten feet between here and the water cooler to refill my Calistoga bottle. All I want to do is sit here, feeling drowsy and peaceful and pleased to have made it through another complex week in one piece ... watching the geese flying low over the lake, humming along with the Dandy Warhols,  enjoying the lull for another little while, until it's time to pack up all my stuff and shut things down and lock things up and head downstairs to meet David.

I'll be taking the freight elevator, of course.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

P.S. don't worry: i'll be back when it rains again. [which will probably be TOMORROW. grrr.]

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