FootNotes In Time

~ Current Life ~

Terri (Vert) Rafter
1957 - Present
Seattle, WA and Alameda, CA

Current Life

My current incarnation actualizes as Terri Rafter. She resides in Alameda, Calfornia with her second husband, David, and is the proud mother of three adult children.

Like her fifth reactualized incarnation, Norma, she met the one true love of her heart while in her forties.

Like her fourth reactualized incarnation, Kitty, she bites her nails, has occasional Younger Sister Issues and hates it when her beaus get their hair cut.

Like her third reactualized incarnation, Lady Margaret, she enjoys being kissed fully on the mouth and is extremely picky about which pictures of herself she allows to be displayed publicly.

Like her second reactualized incarnation, Virgula, she isn't much interested in politics.

And like her first reactualized incarnation, Nahknet, she loves popular music, dreams of travelling the world with her husband someday and wears entirely too much black eyeliner.


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