June 27, 2004
Tic Tac Photos

Since it's obviously going to be CHRISTMAS before I get around to writing the latest TicTac entry -- and since all creative endeavor comes to a grinding halt, as long as an unfinished entry is hanging over my head this way -- I'm just saying Heck with it and posting the photos from our trip, sans text. 

If I get around to writing an accompanying entry eventually, fine: if I don't, fine. This way, at least, you can see for yourselves how beautiful and grown-up the girls are getting to be (even when they're standing in the middle of a candy store, shopping for jelly beans)  ...  how adorably relaxed and underdressed my son was on his high school graduation day  ...  and how much fun David and I had during our all-too-brief (and all-too-fattening) recent visit to TicTac. 

Enjoy!  I'll be back to *regular* journaling soon.

My favorite TicTac/graduation photos: 
(click to enlarge)

jaymi & kacie at the candy store, pike place marketthe girls at the pike place marketjaymi picking out produce at the market david explains lichi nuts to kacie, pike place market
waiting to be seated at the burien azteca kacie in our hotel room, looking at kyles yearbookkyle opening his graduation gift from mom & davidthe tots in front of the chinese restaurantwith dad & valerie at the chinese restaurant
he's the good-looking one son #only accepting his diplomashaking hands with someoranother school district bigwig
kacie, kyle and jaymi with the famous MR. GALLAGHER! kacie and her pesky little brother on his graduation dayjust before we gave him the ponythe graduate with his grandma & vincethe graduate with his sisters
the tots, june 2004

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