June 25, 2002

miles to go: 1262.17

He is far and away the most skillful partner I've ever been with.  Compared to him, the rest of them look like a bunch of little kids in short pants.

He knows exactly what he's doing. I think that's what I like the most. Whenever we're together, I feel safe and relaxed in his expert hands. Of course, he's had a lot more experience at it than I've had. But that's OK: I know you don't get to be our age without acquiring some history along the way. Besides, he's never show-offy or boastful about his past. (And he only talks about previous partners if *I* bring up the subject first.)

He is as attentive to my needs as he is to his own: more so, probably. I always come away from the encounter satisfied.

Over time we've developed a routine that we both enjoy and are comfortable with and find deeply satisfying. Still ... I think he is determined not to let us sink into a rut. He likes to experiment with new things -- new positions/new locations/new techniques -- and what's more, he makes ME feel brave enough to experiment, too, even if it seems weird or uncomfortable or icky at first. (Although lately he's been talking about a threesome with his best friend, Graham. That might take a little persuasion, frankly: I'm one of those shy old-fashioned one-dance-partner-at-a-time girls.)

He loves doing it in public, surrounded by a bazillion other people. He loves doing it out in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around for miles. He loves taking pictures of me while we're doing it. He loves talking about it afterwards.

He loves it when we finish together. As a matter of fact, he pretty much insists on it.

He doesn't freak out if *I* initiate the action once in a while. He's not threatened if I assume a more dominant role in the proceedings. He's never in a hurry, but if I urge him to go "Faster!" or "Longer!" or "Harder!," he's more than happy to oblige.

And he looks damn fine while he's doing it.

He may not have been my first. I may not have been HIS first. Fate may have forced us to travel a long and treacherous road in order to find each other. But none of that matters anymore, really, because we're partnered now, and because he has taken an experience I used to loathe -- an experience that used to be uncomfortable and humiliating and nothing short of drudgery, for me -- and he has turned it into something fun and satisfying and completely life-affirming.

And that's something that the little kids in short pants could never do.

Best partner ever

DRaftervoi ... the finest cycling partner a girl ever had.

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