June 16, 2002
Dadly Day

Note: This is one of my favorite *FootNotes* entries of all time ... maybe because *I* didn't write it. I'd like to share it with you again today, in honor of my dad, Roger Vert, who I love and admire and miss just as much today as ever.

me and daddy
daddy's girl, july 1966

Dear Terri Lynn,

Do you remember, a long time ago, when you were scared to go to sleep because the wind was blowing so hard? And I sat on your bed and told you about the wind? I told you how the wind could be your friend, and the Indians called the wind ĎMariah.í And we left the window open, just a little bit, so Mariah could kiss your cheek as you slept.

Last night I was very tired from working so hard ... so I walked all by myself. I walked down through a little meadow, where there was a campfire long ago. I walked over a little hill and down a small trail. When I stopped walking, I was standing on a big rock on the edge of a stream.

I stood very still and listened. I could almost hear a little boy laugh, and almost see a little girl catching her first fish. For the first time since I last saw you, I felt I wasnít alone. And then, Mariah kissed me. A light, sweet kiss. On my cheek, ever so sweetly. And I knew then that my little girl had sent me a goodnight kiss on the wind ...

Look outside now. Is the wind blowing? Is Mariah there? She has a kiss for each of you, because I canít bring them myself. Every night now Iíll give Mariah a kiss to take to you, until the day comes when I can kiss you goodnight. That day will come, I promise you. Until it does, I can only love you, and miss you.

August 22, 1964

second time's the charm
walking his girl down the aisle, july 2001

Happy Father's Day, Dadly. I love you.

P.S. Watch for Mariah later: she'll be bringing something special ... from me to you.

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