June 16, 2000
Cyber Voicemail



You've reached the groovy cyber voicemailbox for SecraTerri's *FootNotes.*

We will be away from our websites  --  flying back and forth to TicTac, attending a high school graduation ceremony, purchasing shoes for assorted Tots, ingesting obscenely unhealthy amounts of Taco Time  --  until June 23rd or so. (Maybe earlier, if we bring the laptop with us; maybe later, if our plane plummets nosefirst into the ocean.)

If this is an emergency and you need an immediate *fix* of Franz, footwear stories or long-winded entries all about why I prefer showers over baths, dial *A* for the *FootNotes* Archives.

Otherwise, please leave a detailed message, including your name, number, date/time you called, mother's maiden name, toothbrush color, any known allergies, favorite Grass Roots song and where you stand on the *toilet tissue issue* -- over or under? -- and we will get back to you as soon as we've returned to our own Zip Code.

(Or as soon as we unpack. Whichever happens first.)

Thank you ... and have a nice day.

P.S. Last call for postcards! I've got mailing addresses for a bunch of you. Anyone else want one?  (This year I plan to take a page out of the *Bottlenekk Book of Postcard Etiquette* and smear a little food on 'em.)

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