June 9, 2001
Hot Off The Press!


Hot off the press  --  or, in this case, hot off the borrowed digital camera  --  here are a couple of photos taken less than an hour ago, when Secra and Ю僱êrvØ¡ got together with Bev of Funny The World fame!

secra & bev

Bev & Secra
Bev is even nicer in person than she is online, if that's possible ... genuine and personable and yes, funny. Plus she didn't complain about sitting in the shade for an hour. Plus she didn't flinch when the bird pooped on our table.

(Plus she indulged my need to gossip shamelessly about other journalers for a full hour. I feel so incredibly meta.)

we just bought our wedding rings

Ю僱êrvØ¡ & Secra
Bev took this photo of David & me.

(Of course we reminded David how incredibly lucky he was to be sitting at the same table with not one but TWO Diarist Award winners! He was just about as impressed as you might expect him to be, under the circumstances.)

All in all ... it was a really lovely experience, finally getting to meet one of my favorite journalers!

Thanks, Bev! It was great!!

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