June 3, 2001
Before and During



Secra, Christmas 2000
OK: now you know why I never posted any TicTac Christmas photos last December. 

Here's what kills me: I didn't know I looked this bad until I saw the developed Christmas photos. I knew I'd "put on few pounds" here and there:"relationship pounds," I called them, figuring they came with the territory when you're in a secure, loving relationship. I knew that my clothes weren't fitting me comfortably any more ... and that I seemed to be moving inexorably into that No-Woman's-Land known as the "Womens Department" (where all of the sizes have a letter "X" or "W" after the number, and all of the waistbands are elastic). I knew that I was eating even when I wasn't hungry, and that I was eating inappropriately, and that I was eating too fudking MUCH of EVERYTHING.

(Plus the only "exercise" I was getting was pushing the shopping cart up and down the bakery aisle.)

But I honestly didn't know I looked like *this* until my mother sent me the Christmas pictures. I was so depressed that I stuck the pictures away in my desk drawer and haven't even looked at them again until today.

Secra, June 2001
Here's me this morning. David took this photo over at the abandoned Alameda Navy Base -- that's the USS Hornet in the background -- just as we were completing a 17 mile bike ride.

(My longest and most ambitious ride to date, and I wasn't even winded.)

I'm not going to refer to these as "Before" and "After" pictures ... because they're not. They're "Before" and "DURING" pictures. I still have a long way to go. This is an ongoing process. And even so, this isn't simply about losing X-number of pounds for the wedding: this is about changing everything about my lifestyle. This is about feeling better and living longer and having more energy and actually getting out there and living life, instead of sitting around in front of a computer writing about living life.

But if I happen to look a little less like the side of a barn, along the way ... that's a bonus.

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