July 7, 1999
Soft Tacos & Squaredancing
Yep: I'm going to CONTINUE to insist that you CLICK HERE to see the world's most adorable nephew ... and then HERE to check out my contribution to "Tapestry." [Why? Because I can. Also because I haven't had time to scan any new World's Most Adorable Nephew photos.]

Just a quick *hello* and *goodbye,* as The Other 50% of The Population and I prepare to leave for four glorious, fun-filled days in TicTac, WA ... Squaredancing & Soft Taco Capital of the World.

(David: "Why does she keep talking about 'squaredancing??')

If this is your very first time stopping by *FootNotes,* I'm sorry I'm not here to greet you personally. Feel free to poke around the site while I'm gone. Look in my closet. Try on my shoes. Sneak a peek in my medicine cabinet. Rummage around in the drawers a little bit.  And then come back in a week or so, and allow me to regale you with incredibly fascinating tales of recovery, noncustodial parenting, executive assitude and uncomfortable shoes.

And if you're one of the "regulars?" Quick like a bunny, send me your mailing address ... and I'll send you a TicTac postcard. I might even remember to mail it this time.

See everybody in a few days!



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