July 22, 2000
Nobody Reads Me on Saturday Anyway


Irrefutable proof that SecraTerri and DRaftervoi are the two dorkiest human beings on the face of the planet: we are spending our Saturday night ...
  • Playing with our new vacuum cleaner. ("Man, this thing has suction like you wouldn't BELIEVE!" says David excitedly, as he vacuums four years' worth of dirt off the bookcase.)

  • Hanging our new shower curtain. ("I'm afraid it might be too long," says Secra worriedly. David calmly reaches over and moves the curtain rod up a couple of inches.)
  • Doing our laundry. ("COLD and DELICATE CYCLE!" screeches Secra. "My clothes always go in COLD and DELICATE!" And she pulls her red sweater and her white sweater out of the scalding hot water as David stands nearby, looking sheepish.)
  • Listening to "Third Eye" by Monsoon." Anglo-Indo pre-Lilith Fair Chick Pop.
  • Calling the police on our ridiculous neighbors, who are once again drunkenly hurling profanities and kitchen utensils at each other this evening, as their baby cries from the next room.
  • Resisting the urge to call the police on our other neighbors, who have been singing karaoke all night.
  • Getting ready to head to bed with a big bowl of "Bed Picnic Bruschetta," an armload of library books and a rental movie ("Being John Malkovich"). As soon as we're done having all of this other fun, that is.

Funny thing is, "dorky" or not, I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be tonight. Or anyone else I would rather be vacuuming with. 

Hope your weekend is going as well as *ours.*

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