July 18, 2001
The Good Thing


What can I tell you? Once in a while you get lucky.

Once in a while  --  usually when you least expect it, or want it, or feel prepared for it, or deserve it  --  The Good Thing drops into your lap and says "Yeah, I know ... my timing sucks. But here I am anyway."

When that happens, you have to make a choice.

You can try ignoring The Good Thing. That might be a little tough to do, since it's sitting right there in your lap, helping itself to your bowl of microwave popcorn ... but you hope that if you ignore it long enough, maybe The Good Thing will eventually get tired of waiting for you to notice it, and it'll go away and leave you alone.

You can get all huffy and irritated. "Where were you twenty years ago??" you can snap at The Good Thing.

You can view your Good Thing with suspicion. "The last Good Thing was a miserable failure," you can say, eyes narrowed in mistrust. "Why should I believe that this time will be any different?"

You can gently but regretfully explain to The Good Thing that although you appreciate it dropping into your lap this way, you've decided to live without a Good Thing in your life for the next little while ... and that maybe, if the circumstances had been different, who knows what might have happened? ... and that you'll be in touch if anything changes.

And then you can show The Good Thing to the door.

Or you can do what *I* did: you can wrap your arms around The Good Thing, as tight as you can, and love it with all your heart ... you can thank The Powers That Be (or God, or luck, or fate, or karma, or AOL, or plain old serendipity) for this unexpected but incredibly fortuitous gift ... and you can promise to never ever ever let your Good Thing go.

(And then you can remember that sometimes YOU are The Good Thing that falls into somebody else's lap.)

See you all on the *other side.*

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