July 13, 2001


It's 5:11:32 a.m. PDT as I sit here, shivering in my nightgown, typing these words in darkness. Everyone else in the world is still asleep.

(Or everyone else in this apartment, anyway.)

It will be much later in the day before I actually get around to uploading this journal entry to the Internet  ... maybe early this afternoon when I get home from work, or tonight after bike riding. But during this dark, quiet hour of the almost-morning, I can at least *upload* a little bit of my brain onto the computer screen.

A lonely dog has been barking for hours, somewhere across the street from our apartment building. I heard him last night as I lay waiting to drift off ... and he's still at it, now as I sit here waiting for the coffee to brew. But that's not what woke me up. Upstairs Neighbor Guy (and his nightly battle with the broken closet door) didn't wake me up, either. Neither did David's snoring, or the leaky toilet next door, or the cluster of Bad Noisy Teenagers congregating outside our window off and on all night.

Nothing "woke me up" ... because I haven't actually been to sleep yet.

I've been existing in a state of deliciously, ridiculously heightened anticipation this entire week. During the daytime I'm able to stay busy and distracted enough to keep it from driving me totally stark-raving bonkers ... but in the middle of the night, it's another story entirely. It's sort of like a combination of Christmas Eve/the night before the first day of school/waiting for labor to begin. It makes sleep absolutely impossible.

So I'm up. And I'm going to stay up, I guess, until it's time to crawl into the shower and begin the Daily Beautification Rituals and go to work.

I'm nervous about going into the Totem Pole Company today. Historically, they like to wait until the day I'm leaving on vacation to drop some hideous, mood-shattering bombshell on me: that they'll be moving me out of my nice office and into a dinky cubicle downstairs while I'm gone, for instance ... or that Payroll accidentally miscalculated my accrued vacation time, and I'm actually going to oweTHEM money, by the time I return. Although things at work have been remarkably quiet all week long (with the exception of Wednesday's latest Stoopid Chick War, wherein I was mandated to try and be "more sociable" towards the women downstairs: even the ones I hate),  I'm still worried about what they might try and spring on me at the last minute. 

They're *reuniting* me with Franz when I get back, maybe? Mandatory gray-plaid Totem Pole Company uniforms? Implementation of the fabulous new 12-12-12-12-0 work week? 

I just hope that whatever it is, that I handle it with some degree of cool. I desperately want to leave the office this afternoon with my good mood, my Maybelline and my next couple of paychecks intact.

Still, I know that once I get through this day  --  and it's a half-day, so we're only talking four hours, five hours tops  --  I'm home free.

Two weeks of vacation!

Two weeks of absolutely NO voicemail, finance reports, time sheets or Polite Mandatory Corporate Chit Chat! Two weeks of staying up as late as I want to ... and getting up as EARLY as I want to! Two weeks of comfortable clothes and minimal Maybelline! Two weeks of bike riding and library books and long afternoon naps! Two weeks of sweet, delicious, luxurious F-R-E-E-D-O-M!

And, of course, there's a little matter of a wedding to look forward to.

This is it. This is the beginning of the best two weeks of my life. The thought of it just sent a shiver skittering down my spine ... and it wasn't because I'm cold.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

p.s. i should probably let you know, right now, that *footnotes* is likely to become increasingly sporadic and hastily written and virtually unreadable, over the next few days. i can't predict how often -- or how cohesively -- i'll be able to post, if at all. (right now my brain is about as *cohesive* as a big warm puddle of quaker instant oats.) signing up for the notify list might not be a bad idea ... even if you hate notify lists. (you can always unsub when all of this wedding stuff is over with & things go back to 'normal.') also, if you want/need/plan to write to me directly about anything for the next couple of weeks, i suggest you use this e-mail address (as opposed to the other 43,897,621 e-mail addresses i've provided you with in recent weeks). that's probably the one e-mailbox i'll be checking most consistently between now and "i do" time.

p.p.s. a special *thank you* to the ladies of my groovy new forum for keeping me entertained the past couple of days. and i didn't even have to pay them!

p.p.p.s. that's some kind of self-promotional record, isn't it? i've managed to plug the e-mail address, the notify list AND the forum in one entry! in fact, the only thing i didn't promote, i guess, is the bridal registry [the password is "CA"] ... but that's because it would be sort of tacky to mention it again, don'tchoothink?

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