January 6, 1999
It's A Boy!

May I have your attention, please?

Before I launch into my daily scream-of-unconsciousness ... I would like to make the following happy announcement:

It's A Boy!!!

Before anyone feels compelled to break out the smelling salts here, let me hasten to share the following e-mail from my little sister, Debi:

" ...We had the ultrasound this morning and all is well with the baby and me. We have been given an expert-educated say so that the baby is a BOY! He was very helpful today and we got a really good picture of his face profile and a hand! I have to say that seeing that tiny guy was the coolest thing I have ever experienced! I can only imagine what the end result will be! ... I have a doctor appointment next week. I'll let you know more after that. I just wanted to share the progress as it happens. Tim and I are greatful for all of you and we love you very much. Bye for now."

That's right, folks: in June of 1999, Deb & Tim are going to make me a very proud *Aunt Secra* ... and now that we know it's going to be a nephew, we can begin to shop accordingly! (Anyone know where I can special-order a 49'ers uniform in a newborn size?)

* Congratulations, Deb & TTT! We love you! *

We now return to our regularly-scheduled *specialized nonsense.* (Click here to catch up on yesterday's "specialized nonsense," all about Duluth, France ... and then check back later.)



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