January 31, 2000
What Super Bowl? [A Quick Blurb About Our Weekend]


While the rest of the country spent Sunday parked in front of the TV yesterday, watching the St. Louis Whatchamahoozits do battle with the Tennessee Somethingorothers ...

... SecraTerri and DRaftervoi spent their day squiring a carload of Tots around downtown San Francisco, in search of holograms and hamburgers and little plastic beads.

It was a happy day. With nary a Budweiser commercial in sight, even.

Terri & Her Girls ~ January 2000

David is never happier than when he has a little fresh *tourist blood* ... a captive audience he can drag sightseeing around the Bay Area. And audiences don't come much more "captive" than two teenagers strapped together into the backseat of a Subaru Legacy.

We were all given the full *DRaftervoi as Tour Guide* Treatment ... featuring ALL of his Greatest Hits:

  • "Can you believe it? They tore down all these beautiful old Victorian homes!"

  • "The bottom of the Bay Bridge is the worst place to be in an earthquake!"

  • "Emeryville used to be nothing but run-down buildings and empty businesses ... and now look, they're putting in an IKEA store!"

  • "Here is where the freeway used to be until the earthquake knocked it down."

  • "Those are euca-euca-euca-eucaLYPTUS weeds. They are NOT indiginous to the Bay Area."

  • "See the retrofitting on that building?"

  • "There's the new ballpark! I took a picture of my kids in front of it when they first started building it!"

  • "It's colder in the Bay Area in July than it is TODAY! I'm telling you ... this is the PERFECT PLACE TO LIVE!"

Fortunately for all of us, David is not only an enthusiastic tour guide,  he's an extremely entertaining tour guide. Nobody knows the Bay Area like he does -- every nook and cranny and fogbank and gargoyle. He knows all the cool places to spit. He can always find a decent parking spot. And he doesn't come unglued when we have to make another unscheduled bathroom stop. 

Basically he was in his element yesterday.

*I* of course am never happier than when I've got a Tot (or two) in my Zip Code.

And naturally Daughters #1 and #2 are never happier than when a Parental Unit is spending vast sums of money on them at the department store of choice.

So there was lots of *happy* to go around yesterday.

Overheard Snippet of Conversation #1:

Daughter #2: "Alcatraz is the coolest thing I've seen here, so far."
Daughter #1: "What about that homeless guy on the bus?"
Daughter #2: "Oh yeah! That was cool, too!"

Overheard Snippet of Conversation #2:

Daughter #1: (opening Castle refrigerator, packed with teen-friendly groceries) "Whoaa! Dude! There's FOOD in here!"
Daughter #2: "Dude!"

Snippet of Conversation #3:

Daughter #2: "You and David, like, never fight, do you?"
Secra: "Guess you're not reading the website, are you?"

self-important blurb #1 will go HERE: more to follow, later in the week. the girls don't fly back to seattle until late tonight, so we are still knee-deep in suitcases and shopping bags. we'll take them out to dinner tonight before whisking them off to the alaska airlines terminal for their flight home. as soon as things settle down and we restore the castle to some semblance of *order* [read this: as soon as we can see the floor again], i'll get back to writing on my usual not-so-regular basis.

stay tuned.

a year ago

here's where i'll ask a *relevant* question:
so who won the super bowl, anyway??
*i* don't have a clue!

amazingly profound thought of the day: "One more thing.....DAVID RAFTER IS THE COOLEST, HIPPIST, HOTTEST GUY ON THIS WHOLE PLANET AND IF YOU WANT TO ARGUE ABOUT IT, COME ON OVER...I'LL TAKE YOU ON." ~ ~ pimpjaymi's kickass homepage ~

[guess that answers the 'how are your kids and your boyfriend getting along?' question.]