January 22, 1999
*Downtown Interview*

David went back to work this morning, after taking two days off. (I guess that 48 hours of me doing the Florence-"How're-you-feeling?-How're-you-feeling?-How're-you-feeling?"-Nightengack stuff were all he could stomach.) Hopefully we'll have a nice quiet weekend -- barring any unforeseen disasters, natural or motherwise -- and he can finish recuperating. I won't even complain if he monopolizes the computer all weekend, writing message board posts about Sacred Genitalia ... just so long as he stays quiet and gets well, dammit. (Then *I* can get sick and HE can hover over ME. So to speak.)
In the meantime ... I've got another interview in a few hours, and I don't mind telling you that this one has me seriously nervous.

Nervous as in, "Should I drink another cup of coffee, or is it gonna make me throw up some more?"

Nervous as in, "Oh well. I didn't need ten fingernails anyway."

Nervous as in, "I wonder if they're hiring at Togo's?" (The uniforms suck, but they make really BIG cookies.)


Until now, most of my interviewing has been for small office positions ... the sort of low-key *EVERY Day Is Casual Day* work environment I've grown accustomed to, over the years. (One guy I interviewed with earlier this week told me I should wear jeans to the office, because I would be walking the dogs every day and I "wouldn't want you to get dog shit on a nice dress." I would have taken that job, too, were it not for my ... uhh ... unfortunate dog shit allergy. Sheesh.)

The company I'm interviewing with today, though, is different: this is a nice-suit-and-high-heels sort of interview. A *downtown* interview. A polished-and-professional, on-my-best-behavior, prolly-not-a-good-idea-to-chew-bubblegum type of interview.

And I'm nervous as hell.

It isn't even so much the issue of clothing [yes it is!] as it is the idea of working for such a big company [it's the clothing! it's the clothing!]. I know I've got the qualifications to work in a corporate environment again[but do i have the clothes?]. I just don't know if I'm confident enough to convince the interviewer that I have the qualifications [especially if she sees the safety pins holding my jacket together]. It should be an interesting experience, however it turns out.

So check back later to see what happens ... and in the meantime, don't forget to click here to visit the *Unofficial Ed-"Tomorrow's-The-Big-Day (Hope-I-Don't-Throw-Up-On-My-Tie)"-Kaz Website.* Break a leg, Shnoop!

A few "technical notes" about the website, for those of you who have asked:

1. Yeah, I'm tinkering with the front page again. It seems that my dirty feet were "missed" by some, so we've brought them back by popular demand. I apologize for the lengthy loading time - this is temporary. I hope.

2. No, I still don't have new photos (of The Castle/The Pink Stove/David/etc.) but that'll happen soon. Right now I'm sorta trying to work up the nerve to ask Computer Guy to scan them for me.

3. Yes, I'm giving some thought to  ...  uhhhh  ... moving the website to another *location* sometime soon. GeoCities has been very good to me the past couple of years (she says, nervously looking around for hidden microphones) but increasingly I'm finding that certain doors are closed to me on the Internet, as a direct result of my URL. I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about. So right now we're sorta "investigating other possibilities." Suggestions welcome.

4. Yes I know that "People" and the rest of the "Links" are still non-operational. But it's fun to be reminded every day, so keep those e-mails rolling in (she says crankily).

5. And finally: a special nod to HEATHER (of More Than This fame), who managed to out-gross ANYTHING *I* have ever written on MY website with her Jan. 20th masterpiece,"Thank God It Wasn't A Scalpel". Nice job, Heather!



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