January 13, 1999
Electronic Job-Hunting

The job-hunting continues.

I sent off another big batch of letters and résumés yesterday, in response to Sunday's bonanza of new Helped Wanted ads. It's interesting how many potential employers want a faxed or e-mailed response these days, as opposed to the old-fashioned snail-mailed résumé (or a phone inquiry, even). I wound up faxing ten responses, e-mailing another four ... but only snail-mailing three. And none of the ads provided a phone number to call. Welcome to the age of the electronic job-search.

Another thing that's changed about the job market recently? All of a sudden there are no basic clerical positions anymore ... now everyone wants an "Administrative Assistant." Look in the classifieds! You'll see what I mean! There are no more ads for secretaries or receptionists. Every clerical job in the universe -- everything from lowly File Clerk to Executive SecraTerri/Lobby Goddess/Coffee Facilitator -- is now referred to as an "Administrative Assistant position." It's weird. It's flattering, in a way. (It's the same old crappy job for the same old crappy pay, most of the time. But hey! With a spiffy new job title!) 

Anyway. It took me most of the day yesterday to get everything written and collated and proofread and corrected and rewritten and proofread again and faxed/e-mailed/printed/signed/stuffed into envelopes ...

... my cranky computer stubbornly refused to cooperate occasionally, and David's printer hates me ("Yo! You're stuffing that envelope in backwards, Rocket Scientist!") ...

... but by late in the afternoon everything was finished, finally, and all the résumés had been sent, and little wisps of smoke were coming out of the back of the computer, and I collapsed into an exhausted/frazzled/ink-stained/paper-cut/ carpal-weary heap.

Today there isn't much to do but sit tight and stay offline (so the phone line remains open) and wait for a nibble ... or two, or four, or eleven ...

... because as good as I feel about accomplishing so much yesterday (and -- OK -- as nice as it is to "job-hunt" in my bathrobe, listening to "Tom Petty at The Fillmore" and eating Spoon Size Shredded Wheat, right out of the box), I'm nonetheless not gonna feel like I'm really making any real progress until I'm out there clomping along the streets of Alameda or Oakland in a pair of amazingly uncomfortable shoes, heading for an interview. (Or an EMPLOYMENT AGENCY, if this job-hunting-via-the-Internet stuff doesn't work out.)

David is being his usual Davidlike self about all of this ... supportive without being icky about it, realistic without being overbearing about it. We both know that I need to find a job soon. He is calmly certain that I will.

Just for that ... maybe we will let him have top billing once in awhile.

Update! Update! Update!

It's mid-afternoon now, and staying off the computer has paid off. (Or should that be "payed off?" Still having trouble with that pesky intransitive stuff.)
I have two interviews scheduled on Monday!  One in Alameda, one in Oakland  --  both for "Administrative Assistant positions," of course  --  neither of them requiring me to learn a foreign language over the weekend. I am pleased!

I'm jazzed!

I can't wait to tell David about it!

I have absolutely ZERO IDEA what I'm going to WEAR! Accck!



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