January 1, 2002
It's A (Big) Baby's Life

Question: How do you know when a hypochondriac is really sick?

Answer: When she's too sick to complain about how sick she is.

Basically I've spent the past four days living an infant's life: horizontalmost of the time,  sleeping most of the time, drinking my meals, drooling quite a lot more than is generally considered polite,  freely verbalizing every grumpy/grouchy/grasping emotion, huddled under my favorite blanky a concerned and loving Adult Person hovers nearby, attending to my every need. (Fortunately I am NOT too sick to get out of bed and walk four feet to the bathroom, once every other hour. That's one test of devotion neither David nor I are prepared for, just yet.)

I'll be back when I run out of applesauce, or when the world becomes vertical again ... whichever comes first.

In the meantime: Happy 2002, everybody!

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poor sick mommy.