"The award you receive from your peers is the award that counts."
~ Jerry Springer

'i'm afraid i won't be able to write if i'm not drinking,' i told him. 'yesterday you were miss fire
 prevention.  today you're back 
to being just plain terri lynn.'  
~ grandma vert, 1969 ~ this one is for you, mr. gallagher
he said, 'this is not a romance.'  little did HE know.
the entry that got me in the most trouble. go figure. thank you again.
in my own mind, anyway
every day is valentine's daythis is the one i'm proudest of!
and he would do the same for me

The further I move through the recovery process, the more important it becomes for me to acknowledge the good things that come my way. I once told David that I was afraid I "wouldn't be able to write unless I was drinking." The very fact that I not only can write sober -- but that people enjoy reading the things I write -- is like an unbelievable gift. And these awards are like a gift on top of a gift.

Thank you.

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