*Greatest Hits*
Bits and pieces and odds and ends of stuff I've written over the years.

Walking Across Plasma Fire 

Or: the things we do for love.

Necessary Spinning

I knew, right away, that the way *I* drank and the way normal people drank was different.

Lessons in Bike-Riding

Proving that it truly IS just like riding a bike

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

And HE said this 'wasn't a romance.'

Mr. Gallagher Says

Reflections on a daughter's high school graduation.

Give Me A Ring
In which two years' worth of wishing, praying, 'subtle hints' and subliminal mind control techniques finally pay off

*FootNotes* In Time
And now for something COMPLETELY different.

Sometimes the answer is as simple as shutting the drawer.

Will our hero make it to the airport in time?

Ten Commandments For Getting Along With Your Executive Ass

(So she doesn't have to kick YOURS.)

Anniversaries From Hell

What's the deal with August 29th, anyway?

Lies The Bottle Told Me

I go public with my alcoholism for the first time.
The singularly most embarrassing moment of my childhood. (Written pre-*FootNotes.*)

Birthday Wisdom

Ten semi-useful things I wish someone had told me on *my* 19th birthday
(even though they wouldn't have done me a bit of good because I thought I already knew everything ANYWAY).

First Haircut
A mother never forgets her little boy's first haircut. 

The Science Fair
A tale of flowers, solar systems and sibling rivalry

Night of the Prairie Squid

A trashy, twisted summer potboiler written by (slightly demented) committee.

Proudly coloring outside the lines since 1957!

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