February 24, 1999

Every once in awhile an e-mail lands in my cyber mailbox that helps remind me why I'm baring my soul -- and my feet -- to the world at large:

"... Thanks for the brief 15 seconds of fame on your posting today. Thought I'd let you know that you are the hit of the Women in Transition
class that I am teaching at the local college ... I mentioned your page and showed them the 'Mom's 10 commandments of summer'
during the internet instruction class and had to PRINT copies for all the class. 20 years ago your mom & I said you'd write the
great American novel - never dreaming the work in progress would be part of the novel and cyberspace would be your medium.
(No, that does NOT mean you are in the middle....)

All teasing aside, I wait somewhat breathlessly each day for the crumbs from your bread of life. Terri, it's good and true and that
is what writing is about - the ability to share enough to make each reader feel that not only do they know you but themselves better.

Luv ... Bobbi."

I've gotta admit that the idea of this website being "required reading" for a group of women in transition is a little unnerving. Me -- the poster child for feminine dysfunction -- serving as a role model?  But then again, maybe I'm not a role model so much as I am a warning label. ("Here's what NOT to do with your life, ladies.") Either way, it's an interesting feeling.

And besides: who else "transitions" as completely -- or as frequently -- as *I* do? 



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