February 7, 2000


Got the Monday morning blahs?

Wanna start the work week by shaking things up a bit?

Feeling a little ..... naughty?

Then try this:

Wait till your boyfriend/husband/Significant Other emerges from his early morning shower, sometime around 7:09:32 a.m. PST ... when he's all damp and foggy and towel-wrapped and cutely distracted.

Make sure he hasn't had any caffeine yet. This is important. It helps if he's got an important 8 a.m. Sales Meeting in today ... next monday ... whut's the difference? Castro Valley, and you're both running a little bit late. (It ALSO helps if you are perched on the end of the bed in a tiny black nightgown and fresh Maybelline, looking dewy and sincere.)

Look deeply into his eyes ... smile lovingly ... and say, with all the tenderness you can muster:

"Happy Valentine's Day, Honey. I love you."

And then sit back and *enjoy* as he zooms through an AMAZING array of facial expressions -- incomprehension, surprise, confusion, denial, blind gibbering panic -- "No it isn't! No it isn't! It's NEXT week!" -- all within the space of approximately three and a half seconds.

[Try it! It's fun!]

Of course, you've gotta let the poor guy off the hook more or less immediately. Especially if you love him and you don't want him to drop dead of a guilt attack, right there on the bathroom floor. And especially-especially if you want roses -- or that five lb. Tobler Chocolate Orange * -- when the real Valentine's Day rolls around, next week.

* or those gold hoop earrings in the window of Alameda Jewelers on Park Street .......
self-important blurb #1 will go HERE: if david and i have ever enjoyed a lazier, more self-indulgent, more sluglike weekend than the one just past ... i don't remember it.

basically this weekend was one long, thick, drooling nap, interrupted occasionally for things like food intake and bathroom breaks and sex and laundry and *regular* sleep.

we had a list of stuff to do, a mile & a half long ... and we ignored it completely.

and it's a good thing, too, because i'm plunging now into an extremely frenzied, Franz-intensive week. [read this: i've run out of seminars to ship my boss to.] and frankly i don't expect to come up for air -- let alone the luxury of "thick, drooling naps" -- until at least 3:40 p.m. friday afternoon.

in the meantime ... if anybody knows of any interesting engineering seminars coming up in ... oh, say, Botswana ... let me know, wouldya?

oh. and btw. happy valentine's day, dear reader. i love you.

a year ago

special *howdy* to: my long-lost brother timothy. if you're reading this ... congratulations on your marriage, your new family, and your new business ventures!

[and if you're not reading this ... why aren't you reading this???]

here's where i'll ask a *relevant* question:
what do you hope the valentines day fairy brings you?

if it's pomegranates or a pere ubu cd ... i don't wanna hear about it.

*reading* "nico: songs they never play on the radio" ~ james young ~

amazingly profound thought of the day: "There is no pleasure in having nothing to do; the fun is in having lots to do and not doing it." ~ Mary Wilson Little ~