December 31, 1998
Ringing In The Nude

I've been sitting here today trying to work on my annual list of New Year's Resolutions, but it's coming along verrrrrrrry slowly.  I have been easily distracted this morning: by a rambling and intense i.m. conversation with Shell Pile  ...  a Bo Deans live tape, on the stereo  ...  a minor *kitchen misshap (did I mention that we got the gas turned on yesterday?)  ...  an offer of free chocolate from my pal Heather (Yes! YES YES YES YES YES!) ...

... but most of all I've been distracted by the California sunshine outside my window (sunshine? in December??), and by the fact that David will probably be home early today, and by the hope that we can get out of The Castle and do something while it's still early and the world is still all shiny and beautiful and we're both still awake.

Our New Year's Eve plans, as I described them to a pal this morning, will likely be as follows:

We're going to rent a MOVIE!

Then we're going to go to bed and WATCH the movie!

And then we're going to ...

... FALL ASLEEP AT 10:17 P.M. probably!  Woo-hoo!

(Actually, throw in some Crunch & Munch and a bottle of massage oil, and this sounds like the world's most perfect celebration to me.)

Anyway ... click here to read yesterday's fabulous entry, my tribute to two people who have gotten me where I am today (and no, Jim at Oregon City U-Haul isn't one of them) ... and if I don't make it back to the website later, I hope everybody has a healthy, happy, safe (and Dick-Clark-free) New Year's Eve.

In the words of the immortal Earl Peterson, Michigan's Singing Cowboy:

"Let us rejoice
And let us sing, and dance

And ring in the nude ..."
Happy New Year!



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