December 30, 2001
Chat Room Romance

Back in her drunk and dysfunctional days in the Baby Boomer Chat Room, circa 1995-1996, SecraTerri was known to occasionally flirt, ever-so-slightly, with any new man who wandered into the chat room ... especially if 1.) he had a groovy screen name, 2.) he could type more than four words in a row, and 3.) somebody else was flirting with him first.

(OK fine. Secra hit on anything that had a pulse, basically.)

One object of Secra's ardor that year was the intriguingly-named "HtlSales," who, Secra imagined, was almost certainly a hotel tycoon or world-class financier, along the lines of a Hilton or a Marriott or a Trump. Secra immediately turned the high beams on HtlSales, determined to win him over with her vast reserves of loopy charm  and incredibly fast typing ...

you say 'snak-bear, *i* say 'snake-bear' ...

... so when "HtlSales" turned out not to be a rich available Testosterone Unit with his own chain of five-star hotels, but was, instead, a very sweet (and extremely heterosexual) woman from the South named CAROLYN, Secra was momentarily crushed.

(But that was OK. By that point Secra already had her eye on "Smrtflmkr," anyway.)

but then again, we all thought 'd®åƒ±êrvØ¡' was FRENCH.

All of this by way of telling you that Secra & Ю僱êrvØ¡ had lunch yesterday with their long-time online pals Carolyn and her adorable husband, Bear. Carolyn and Bear are yet another couple who found their Significant Other in the same Baby Boomer Chat Room where Secra & Ю僱êrvØ¡ met. (One of these days I'm really gonna have to write that book.)  The four of us had lunch at The Cliff House in San Francisco, and over seafood and iced tea we reminisced and chit-chatted and gossiped and did all of the other stuff that Boom Room survivors do when you put them together in the same room.  

(Well. Almost all of the other stuff. We didn't set anything on fire this time.)

One thing is clear: we are four extremely happy people ... and we have that goofball chat room to thank for it.

secra & htlsales: together at last

Still ... who knows?

If things had turned out differently, back in 1996 -- if Secra had done a better job of wooing HtlSales -- you might be reading an entirely different sort of *FootNotes* right now.

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