December 23, 1998
In Lieu of Cards

Working on it.
 I'm one of those people who needs to be doing a bazillion & a half different things at once  --  the trendy term for it is "multi-tasking," although *I* prefer to call it "doing a bazillion & a half different things at once"  --  so today's journal entry is being crafted around trips to the laundry room ... frenzied e-mail exchanges with assorted friends and family members ... packing (sorta) ... last-minute list-making ("Emergency Phone Numbers," "Terri's Flight Info," "Stuff To Look For In The TicTac Attic") ... anxious weather-checks ... apartment-cleaning ... uploading ... downloading ... exfoliating ...

While you wait, you can click here to read that last fabulous entry ... and then check back later. (Bring cookies and Tylenol when you return. OK? Thankyouverymuch.)

Later That Day:

Well, I'm packed and laundered and coiffed and exfoliated and ready to *upload* myself to TicTac, later today. And yes, I'm excited as all get-outta-here at the prospect of seeing my family, especially the Tots ...

... and yes, I'm bummed that David and I are spending our first Christmas 600+ miles apart, but I understand why it needs to be this way, and I'm looking forward to a belated celebration when I get home ...

... and yes, I'm nervous about flying in this crappy weather (I've bookmarked no less than three separate Internet sites this morning, charting the snowstorm in TicTac and checking for possible delays and basically attempting to quiet the shrieking noises in my head).

But I know that everything is going to be just fine.  The next few days will be a pleasantly-frenzied blur of hugs and conversation and twinkly lights and torn wrapping paper  ...  Uncle Jerry's garlic dip, guaranteed to render you *safe* beneath ANY mistletoe  ...

... a celebration of recovery, and a recovery of celebration ...

... and before I know it I'll be right back here in The Castle, telling you all about it.  In endless mind-numbing detail.

Before I go, however, there is one more *item of business* to attend to. Due to circumstances beyond my control (read this: I never got around to it), I wasn't able to send out Christmas cards this year ... either the snail-mail OR cyber variety. This is an unfortunate lapse in organization and manners that has gnawed at me for days now.  The beauty of having my own website, however, is that I can use it to publicly make up for this lapse ... as well as to answer some of my e-mail, broadcast a last-minute message to TicTac and politely request that Obviously-Drunk-At-10-A.M.-Guy hold off on the anonymous death threats for a coupla days ... just until we can change the answering machine tape. 

Herewith, then, a handful of special greetings for a handful of special people:

To Mizzle, Feef, Edmund and George:  I find it amazing that my best online pals are still the first online pals I made, back in the old Boom Room days.  For the fourth year in a row   --   and hopefully many more to come   --   Happy Holidays. Bah Humbug. Iloveyouguys. Now go away. **** 

To Wally the Pirate: How do you spell f-o-s-s-i-l? Merry Christmas.

To Brucie:  Happy (belated) Birthday to my fellow "December Baby," and I hope that Christmas at Transient Terrace is filled with interesting music and groovy new computer stuff.

To Oregano Tim (aka *Someone*): Kiss the cats and hug The Boy, and for the love of God stay away from McDonald's tomorrow night. *

To *M*:  Haven't heard from you in a bit. What's for dinner?

To Mr. Caves:  Haven't heard from you, either. Do they not celebrate Christmas in the land of outhouses and spiders? {{{Eggs}}}

To *Tall Guy*:  Fall off the planet again? Still waiting for the rest of the chapters, y'know. Have a great Christmas.

To Andy/Tony:  Merry Christmas to one of the most generous human beings I have ever known. I think of you every time I sign on. I think of you every time I sign off. And I think of you during all the time in between. Thank you.

To Sharlie, Chriss, Mr. 2Kool, KK & JOC, Computer Guy, SmrtyPants and all of the other Boomers who have lent support/sent Christmas cards/acted as *go-betweens*/slapped me silly when I needed it most: Thank you. Hope your holidays are filled with warmth and meaning and a total lack of extraneous colorization.

To my new pal Heather, who totally *gets* the whole Internet journaling thing:  Enjoy that new baby. They stay little for approximately eleven and a half seconds -- and then they're "borrowing" your Maybelline.

To Tempting as your offer is ("Sorority House Hidden Shower Cam!"), I think I'm gonna pass this time. But I have forwarded your e-mail to several people who might be interested.

To Whoever Is Picking Me Up In TicTac Tonight:  I'll be the one with white knuckles and zero fingernails. Have a latte -- and a respirator -- waiting for me.

And finally, to David (aka "He With Whom I Share A Toothbrush Holder"):  We're out of paper towels and coffee.  (And don't forget to give the landlord our paperwork -- it's in the first hanging file in the desk drawer.)  I'll call you when I land in TicTac. I love you.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Seeya when I get back from TicTac.



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