December 9, 2007
'Cuz That's How We Roll

Yeah OK. As birthdays go, this one probably isn't destined to make it onto your Top Ten Birthdays of All Time list.

You're sick. You're sad. You just broke up with your boyfriend. You're temporarily between jobs. You're not thrilled about turning 26. Your mother sent you more ugly jewelry in your birthday package. 

(And then there's that whole thing about your stepdad and the manager of The Foo Fighters being mortal enemies. But maybe we'll save that story for another day.) 

Even so, my dear, darling, wonderful, precious daughter, please know that you are surrounded by a world of family and friends who love you and are thinking about you, on this day and every day.  We watch you struggle and we watch you triumph  ... and then we watch you do it all over again  ...  and it's hard sometimes to know which makes us prouder: your determination when you're down, or your humility when you're back on top.  Either way, you never fail to inspire.

I wish I were there with you this morning in your new apartment  ... sitting on a blanket on the living room floor, picking cat hairs out my coffee, watching you open your birthday package (I'm sorry!!  I looked for Marcasite, I really did!)  ... but I'm there with you in spirit, Puss. And in heart, and in soul, and in memory, and in every other way that counts.  And I always will be.

'Cuz that's how we roll, you and me.

Happy Birthday Puss!

I love you always!

Your Nice Mommy

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1. tracy and chloe:
give your mommy a great big
furry nuzzle for me,
right now.
(thank you.)

2. robert:
i'm sorry. i know i'm totally beating the whole
'that's how we roll' to death.
i'll buy you some socks for Christmas and we'll call it even,