December 9, 2006

Merry Birthday

Old Sacramento, California ~ November 2006

Happy Quarter-Century Birthday,

I love you always!

Your Nice Mommy

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hey puss:

remember a year ago, when things were so awful and we were both so depressed,  
and i said (right down here in this same little space at the bottom of the journal entry)  that 2006 "would be our year"  ...  ?

see?  i wasn't totally wrong, was i?

ok.  neither one of us won the lottery.
there weren't any trips to tahiti or pulitzer prizes.
last time i checked, we were both still raging hypochondriacs living in tiny apartments
with more than our share of Bad Hair Days.
but you know what?
2006 STILL kicked MAJOR ass over 2005 in every way i can think of
(except maybe weather, or Alaska Air Mileage Points, but  that doesn't count anyway).
and a large part of what made *my* year so much better
was seeing *you* begin to recover and regroup and find your way back to happiness.
maybe that's because a mother's happiness is always, majorly, foreverly linked to her daughter's happiness  ...  
the way mine has been to yours for the past twenty-five years.

thank you for being my daughter  ...  and my friend, and my cheerleader, and my shopping elf, and my partner in crime  ...
for a quarter of a century.
now let's see what good things happen to us in 2007  ...  and in the NEXT twenty-five years  ...  shall we?

i love you,
my sweet baby girl.

happy birthday.