August 31, 2001
Excuse Me


And now if you'll excuse me ... I'm going to drop off the radar again for a few days.

Daughter #1  --  along with her long-suffering OA/OA, Joel  --  landed in *FootNotes* airspace last night, safe and sound and loaded no, i didn't throw the bouquet at her. but she ended up taking it home with her ANYWAY.with more baggage than all three Gabor sisters, put together. David and I will be spending the next 3.5 days buying them food, pointing cameras at them, pumping them for information, talking about them whenever they're out of earshot, and  --  most importantly  --  hauling them all around the Bay Area, doing touristy stuff up the wazoo. (Sausalito on Saturday! Chinatown on Sunday! Yet-to-be-determined on Monday!)  Although Jaymi has become something of an honorary California Grrl, over the years, this is Joel's very first trip to the Bay Area. David promises to be gentle with him.

I'll resurface in a few days with all of the details that are fit to print (and possibly some that aren't), plus a poorly-scanned Polaroid or eleven.

Have a great holiday weekend, everybody!

p.s. thanks, Phook. what looks like *sanity* to you often feels like *utter dysfunction* to me ... but i'm glad you're enjoying the read. eggs.

p.p.s. now that we have a semi-decent/moderately-groovy/doesn't-completely-suck new computer ... i'm starting to think about digital cameras. [are you listening, birthday fairy?] if you've got a digital camera and you love it -- or, probably more helpfully, if you've got a digital camera and you HATE it -- drop me a line and tell me why.

p.p.p.s. "on again/off again." how many of you figured it out w/o me telling you?

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