August 23, 2000


David (sounding incredibly, frantically busy): "So-And-So Newspapers, Dave here, can I help you?"

Terri: "Hi. Are you busy?"

David: "HI HONEY. Yep, I'm busy. What's up?"

Terri: "Well, I thought I'd better let you know that I'm about to walk to the store and secretly buy some sort of alcohol ... preferably something that doesn't have much of a smell to it, like vodka and a little container of orange juice ... and then I'm going to sneak it back here to my office and lock the door and drink it and not tell you about it."

David: "Nahhhh. You don't want to do that. Think about how awful it will taste coming back up."

Terri: "That's true."

David: "Yeah, and think about how bad your head will feel in a couple of hours, and how terrible your stomach will feel."

Terri: "That's true also."

David: "Having a stressful day, I take it?"

Terri: "Nothing that a nap and a lobotomy wouldn't cure."

David: "But not a drink."

Terri: "Right."

David: "I've got a better idea. Why don't you walk across the street and get yourself a chicken salad sandwich?"

Terri: "I've already ordered it."

David: "I love you."

Terri: "I love you too."

Quote of the Day:
Franz: "All those in favor of drinking wine, raise your hands.
All opposed, we don't care. We ignore people like that ... right, Terri?

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