August 5. 2000
I'm Not Really *Here.*

[But Then Again, Neither Are You.]

I know. I'm not supposed to be here.

In fact, I'm not supposed to be anywhere near a computer this weekend.


Mom & Jaymi on Treasure Island
August 2000
(As always, click to see enlarged photo)

(And even if I do find myself "accidentally" sitting here in front of the computer for a minute or eleven ... I'm certainly not supposed to be fiddling with the website.)

But then again, YOU aren't supposed to be here, either. Remember?

I've already bid you a fond adieu.  I've explained that I would be spending every single *time, energy and thought molecule* with Daughter #1 this weekend, while she visits us from TicTac.  I've  wished you a happy weekend, and reminded you that you probably wouldn't be hearing from me at all until my usual Monday evening blathering.

But here we are anyway.

Hopeless, aren't we?

My excuse? We've just gotten home from an eight hour marathon of shoe-shopping, sight-seeing and general this-and-that, all over the Bay Area ... and while I sit here and wait for the Fast Lane Tea to cool (and the swelling in my feet to go down), I wanted to post a couple of the photos we took today.


Jaymi gives a shout-out to her pal, Joel
August 2000
(As always, click to see enlarged photo)

Aren't we cute?

My other excuse is that I know that there have been some new folks stopping by the site today, in my absence.

If this is your very first time stopping by *FootNotes,* I'm sorry I'm not here to greet you personally. Feel free to look around the place while I'm gone.

Poke around in my closet. Try on my earrings. Sneak a peek in my medicine cabinet. Borrow some of my groovy Hawaiian shampoo. Listen to my CD's. Rummage around in the refrigerator and make yourself a sandwich. (I think there's a little Asiago left.)


David took this photo of Mom taking a photo of Jaymi
August 2000
(As always, click to see enlarged photo)

And then come back on Monday and allow me to regale you with incredibly fascinating tales of romance, recovery and uncomfortable shoes.

But for right now? Let's get off the computer.

We've got better things to do on THIS Saturday night.

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