April 25, 2005
Retraction Redux

Kacie would like me to print a retraction to last Wednesday's casually snarky *FootNotes* entry, wherein I made it sound as though I were berating her for going to a casino the same weekend I sent her money for her dad's birthday present. 

Snippets of her outraged CallWave message (which came in, apparently, while we were out tromping around under the waterfalls at Yosemite ... or, as my ex-husband adorably calls it, "YOZE-a-Myte"):

Kacie:  Hey!  I only spent THIRTY DOLLARS at the casino!
Kacie:  Now I'm not speaking to you anymore.
Kacie:  I guess that you and I are just growing apart. Sniff.
Kacie:  Whoops, I just got a beep.  Gotta go.

Of course she's absolutely correct.  I have no business casting public aspersions about the way she spends her time OR her money. Not even in jest. I guess this is one of those instances where a little maternal "teasing" doesn't translate as clearly from a website as it might from, say, the front seat of a 1971 Plymouth Valiant. I feel really awful about the whole thing this morning.

Sorry, Kacie.

YOZE-a-Myte was spectacular. If I were more adequately caffeinated this morning -- or less surrounded by mountains of muddy post-camping-trip laundry, demanding my attention -- I might be able to come up with a better word than "spectacular."  Then again, I'm not sure that any words could ever do Yosemite justice. I spent the entire weekend with a video camera in one hand and a digital camera in the other hand, attempting to adequately document both the scenic and the warm-and-fuzzy familial aspects of the trip, but most of the time I wound up ignoring both cameras completely and taking in all of this awesome indescribable spectacularness with my naked eyeballs.  

There was something for everybody. Waterfalls! Pine forests! Redwoods! Dogwoods! Wildflowers in bloom! Snow-capped mountains! Ground squirrels! Brown-Headed Cowbirds! Hunky National Park attendants in snug khaki uniforms!  We went for modest family hikes around Yosemite and Bridal Veil Falls. (And my infected toe did just fine, clad in ancient walking sandals and a pair of ugly Yosemite National Park socks I picked up at the giftshop the first day we were there.) We had Saturday night dinner in The Mountain Room -- floor-to-ceiling windows affording us a jaw-dropping view of Yosemite Falls -- and Sunday morning brunch at the Ahwanee Lodge , described as "the most beautiful restaurant in America." We visited the Ansel Adams Gallery so David could say hello to his old high school buddy, Glen. We shopped for tacky snowglobes and refrigerator magnets in the gift shop.  We fell asleep at night to the sound of waterfalls, and woke up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping outside our door.   

It was ... yeah, I'm going to say it again ... absolutely spectacular, and I love my in-laws to pieces for including me in such a special and memorable
Ю僱êrvØ¡ Family Event. I'll cherish the memory of this weekend -- not to mention my new Yosemite Park snowglobe -- for the rest of my life. 

But anyway.  Back to the point, which is the fact that  Daughter #2 is a good, responsible, hard-working young woman -- she was just hired on fulltime at The Box Factory: we're VERY PROUD of her for that -- and I know that she would never fritter away her dad's birthday money on a handful of pulltabs and a plastic cup full of nickels. I apologize profusely if I made it sound otherwise.

And yes, she's still getting that pony.

secra at YOZE-a-Myte
April 2005

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[wherein i apologize for making fun of the way my ex-husband pronounces "yosemite."]