April 22, 2000
From the "Isn't It Ironic?" Department


The very day after I post a heartfelt tribute to The Other 50% of the Population, and to the unique (and occasionally baffling) art he creates in his little corner of the online universe ...

(not to mention posting specific directions to his "little corner of the online universe")

... he tenders a terse and unapologetic resignation to the message board that has been his cyber home for three years:

"I've posted here since the first month this board began. I won't post again until the hosts are gone.

I consider their behavior to be harassment, but there really isn't very much that I can do about it.

See you around.


"Jeepers, honey!" I said this morning, after I read his exit message. He'd gotten up at 4 a.m., yet again, and had posted his big farewell before I was awake. "Could you have timed that any MORE awkwardly??"

(Ultimately, everything is about *me.*)

I was just kidding, of course. I know that this is something he's been thinking about doing for months now. This particular message board has become largely unreadable in recent weeks: little more than public bathroom wallspace for an endless stream of one-liners and variations on the "ROFLMAOPIMP!" theme. (How many times can coffee spurt out of someone's nose and "spray the keyboard" in real life? I ask you?)

This latest brouhaha over the sudden influx of AOL Hosts is the most interesting thing that's happened on that board in six months.

But I can understand why David wouldn't want to be a part of it. It's like he said today, as we were in the car driving to Fremont (our second trip to Fry's Electronics within 24 hours): he doesn't mind being "monitored" on a public message board.  He just doesn't want the "monitor" winking at him ... and expecting him to wink back, or else.

So he's leaving.

A handful of others are following his lead and have announced their departure as well ... most of them migrating to a different section of the boards. Of course, they're already being accused of "running away" ... which may or may not be the case. I'm not going to speak for David. Hopefully, he'll soon find a more supportive and stimulating forum for his talent (for instance, his sorely-neglected website), and he can tell you for himself whether he considers what he did to be running away ...

... or knowing that the time was right to move on.

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