April 21, 2005
Half Day

I'm only working half a day today. Usually I try to schedule half-days so that the "work" half occurs in the afternoon, and the "not-working" half occurs in the morning, thereby allowing me the luxury of an extra 45 minutes of sleep and a little laptop-and-coffee time in bed before I hit the shower. Today, unfortunately, it's the other way around: I'm stuck here at The Dirt Company until noon, then I'm leaving the office for the rest of the day. Sort of a "Backwards Half Day." 

Nothing overly fun on the agenda, either: a quick doctor's appointment, no doubt involving large needles and major suckage, in order to drain the excess goop from my stoopid infected toe (hiya, EdKaz!)   ...  then home to do four weeks' worth of overdue laundry, give the apartment a token once-over and pack a couple of borrowed duffel bags with enough socks and underwear to get David and I through our weekend at Yosemite.

(Although I MAY be able to squeeze in a nap and a little laptop time this afternoon, before I hit the laundry room.)

The Yosemite trip has been looming on our calendar for months. We leave tomorrow night after work, and we'll be gone until late Sunday night. I haven't been dreading the trip, exactly ...  I adore my in-laws, and I think that it's cool that they're including the entire Ю僱êrvØ¡ Clan in their fiftieth-wedding celebration: plus, hello, free trip to Yosemite? ... but I can't honestly say that I've been looking forward to it, either. With all of this infected toe ridiculousness, I have some misgivings about squeezing into a pair of Reeboks, let alone tromping around in the wilderness looking at waterfalls for three days. But being the AMAZINGLY good sport that I am -- shut up, Jaymi -- I'm going to suck it up and try to have a good time anyway ... for David's sake, and for his parents' sake: plus, hello, free trip to Yosemite?  

And who knows: it may actually turn out to be fun. Stranger things have been known to happen. I actually ended up loving "The Sopranos," for instance. I rode two thousand miles on a bicycle. And Chicken Pad Thai is now officially my favorite food on the planet, even though I once said I would rather eat a big steaming bowlful of Alpo than ever deliberately set foot in a Thai restaurant.  Sometimes I just have to be dragged into stuff, kicking and screaming ...

... even stuff that I eventually come to love.

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now i'm sorta leaning towards bo, actually.
(i thought that was VERY cool  --  if somewhat cheesy and predictable  --  when he chose
to stand in the MIDDLE last night.  plus he kicked ass on "vehicle," which technically WASN'T a
"seventies dance song" -- it came out in the spring of 1970 -- but he more than did the song justice.]
anybody but CARRIE would be fine with me, basically.
[she IS aware that donna summer didn't invent "macarthur's park," right?
and that it's "macarthur" SINGULAR, not PLURAL?