April 16, 2000
Factoids and Little Truths


A handful of factoids and little truths, on a rainy Sunday afternoon:

Little Truth #1:  I am every bit as sick of writing about Franz -- and about the Totem Pole Company, and about my ongoing struggle to maintain my sanity/my composure/my dignity/my fingernails, on the job  --  as you, no doubt, are of reading about it.

I'm sorry.

I can't seem to stop myself.

I don't seem to be capable of thinking of anything else at the moment. Right now my stoopid job is using up all my availableat the rate i'm going ... *thought molecules.* (It is also seriously depleting my supply of energy, humor and creativity molecules. At this rate, I'm gonna be writing about weather again, before you know it.)

Bear with me.

Little Truth #2: For the second weekend in a row, it has felt as though my little despot of a boss is standing right behind me, everywhere I go. I thought I heard his voice behind me in the grocery store yesterday.

Friday was a horror of a day. I was in tears by 9 a.m., slapped down by a couple of particularly nasty voicemail messages from Franz. ("If it's too complicated for you, get somebody to draw you a map.")  It was all downhill from there.

I brought all that stress and misery home with me, Friday night.  In what had to be the absolute nadir of nightmares, I dreamed that Franz was ... uh ... attempting to *play Yahtzee* with me.  I woke up moaning (and notinagoodway).  It has taken two days' worth of pastrami sandwiches, rental movies, Pamprin Extra-Excruciating-Agony-Relief Formula, afternoon naps and foot-holding with David to make me feel normal again.

But now, of course, it's Sunday afternoon ... creeping inexorably toward Monday morning ... and I know that in less than eighteen hours I'll be right back in the eye of the storm again.

My stomach hurts, just thinking about it.

Factoids #1 and #2: I haven't mailed the resume for the Other Job yet.

But wait.

I DID go to the Groovy Paper Store yesterday with David and bought some very nice, very elegant, very expensive resume paper and matching envelopes).  Ten minutes ago, I finished printing out the cover letter and resume. Now all I need to do is pop them into the mail tomorrow morning.

(And then I need to remember to leave the answering machine on when I leave for the Bowels of Hades tomorrow morning.)

Plus -- and this is an interesting new development, I think -- a fabulous new *FootNotes* reader, who lives right here in Alameda, sent me the link to her company's website the other day. They're looking for an Admin Assistant. I'm not sure if it's exactly what I'm looking for  --  there is no mention of whether or not they serve Peet's Coffee in the lunchroom, and from the looks of the building (year, we drove by and checked it out), I'll probably have to climb a TREE if I want to see the Trib Tower. But wouldn't it be fun if I got my next job as a direct result of my website?

[I could write an article for Salon!]

Little Truth #3: That's it. That's all the molecules I can spare for today. It's time to go sit on the couch and look out the window and *fret* some more.

I'll let you know if it ever stops raining.

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